Don’t underestimate low speed accident dents

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Accidents occur when we least expect them. That’s why they are called accidents. According to Colorado’s State Patrol statistics, on average there are about 27 thousand car accidents, per year in the State. So, it is highly likely to be involved in an accident at some time or another.

Even though it is just a fender bender, the fact of being involved in a traffic accident is already stressful. After a collision, you need to determine who is at fault, check for visible and expensive damages, and try to work something out with the other driver involved or call the police. Then, you will have to talk to your insurance company. All of these tasks motivate most car owners to leave their car’s bodywork unattended. Especially, if there are no visible damages showing. This is a huge mistake that can put at risk your whole car structure and functionality.

Fix Car Dents Right Away!

PDR Repair

PDR is the fastest and most affordable dent repair technique available.

It is very common for car owners to underestimate low-speed accidents. Most of the cars today, have flexible plastic bumpers that retract when crashed against, absorbing energy and reducing the impact. Nonetheless, even though it is not visible, in most cases the car structure suffers considerable damages behind or underneath the bumper, leading to bigger issues if not attended properly and in time.

Sometimes small dents or scratches can appear as a result of a low-speed accident and even though they might look harmless or just a simple cosmetic issue, they could hide more. The paint underneath it could have peeled, leaving the metal and car structure exposed. If you don’t fix this right away, time will eventually cause rust and corrosion, which are serious car issues. Rust will literally eat your car away.

Professional Paintless Dent Repair

The best option to fix a low-speed car accident or a parking lot dent is by professional paintless dent repair. PDR is the fastest and most affordable technique to fix car dents with a professional and flawless result. Depending on the dent damage level, your car can return to that brand new look again in just a matter of hours. In fact, Auto Rehab offers in-home PDR services, so you won’t have to leave your home or office while your car gets fixed. It is an excellent option for those busy business owners who can’t afford to take a car out from their vehicle fleet.

The next time you are involved in a low-speed car accident or a parking lot dent situation, don’t hustle or panic, Auto Rehab is here! Contact Auto Rehab right away and we will gladly take care of your dent issues A.S.A.P!

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