Keeping your car bodywork intact in winter

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Winter is here. Most of Colorado car owners are aware of how hard it is to avoid dents and bodywork damage during winter. The adverse weather conditions, the dangers on the road such as slippery pavement, black ice, heavy rain, hailstorms, in addition to other harmful elements like the salt used to melt snow and more, are a volatile cocktail that can blow at any moment.

It is vital to take precautions and steps to avoid this from happening to you. Today, at Auto Rehab, we would like to share with you some handy and useful tips to prevent and restore damages while keeping your car in great shape during the harsh winter season.

Restore your car before the winter strikes

Repairing Vehicle Damage from Road Salt

Harsh winter conditions & elements can boost your car’s deterioration.

Extreme cold weather and car dents don’t get along. They are antagonistic, and together they are the perfect ingredients in a recipe for bodywork disaster. Leaving dents unattended will only make things worse, more expensive, and could even put at risk your car and passengers’ safety.

When driving, your car engine produces heat. When your car gets hot, the metal components tend to expand. In severe winter conditions, low temperatures will force the metal to contract. These fast changes in the car temperature can quickly boost the damage on the dented bodywork. Besides, your car will regularly be facing snow, ice, rain, and hail. All of these factors can easily damage and speed up the car’s deterioration.

It is vital to maintain your car undercarriage because it is effortless for large chunks of salty ice and snow to build on your mudguards and other car components, speeding up even more rust growth on your car. Letting a car dent sit for too long in the snow, ice, or other elements can help rust on the metal components to grow. Therefore, it is a must to fix any damage before the harsh weather strikes.

Paintless dent removal is your answer to getting rid of car dents, creases, and similar damages on your car bodywork. PDR or paintless dent removal is an extremely effective restoring method to remove dents and bumps from your car. It is fast and affordable, providing you with the leverage required to survive the winter season.

Preventive winter maintenance

Winter tires safety

Change your tires to winter tires for safety during winter driving.

Even though it is tough to survive the entire winter season without getting your car dented or scratched, it doesn’t mean you are going to forget about its maintenance completely. Remember that even the slightest scratch or dent can become a huge and expensive issue if not attended in time. Therefore, the rule of thumb is preventive maintenance.

Before the harsh winter weather elements begin to appear, it is vital to take preventive steps such as changing your car tires to winter tires. Check, refill, or change the car brakes, headlights, and windshield wipers. It is also vital to check, recharge, or even replace your battery. Also, check the engine and rest of the fluids.
For more information on how to restore your car bodywork without affecting its original paint, contact Auto Rehab, and we will gladly take care of your car dent removal project.

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