Keep your Cars Original Paint and Boost its Resale Value

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Cars become such an important element for making our lives easier that we end up building a sentimental bond with it. Therefore, when it is time to resell it, we all want to get the best deal, not only for obvious economic reasons but also because we believe it deserves it.

There are several things we can try in order to get a good deal for our old car. Good maintenance and a tidy record can provide a good hint to potential buyers of the car’s condition. Other elements like its mileage, brand, interior condition and avoiding over customization, can keep its resale value. However, after working for decades, fixing dents, creases and dings with PDR techniques, at Auto Rehab, we have learned that nothing works better to boost your car’s resale value than keeping its original paint.

Resale value

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A car’s original paint will boost its resale value.

Properly preserved paint and without being modified will not only help to preserve your vehicle’s resale value, but it will also dramatically boost it. Even without its maintenance record sheet, buyers get a good impression of the car’s condition from the way it looks on the outside.

On the other hand, a new paint job is really expensive, and there are several risks you take like, unmatched colors, poor finishes or selecting a hard to sell color. Buyers usually prefer a vehicle with its original paint rather than one that has been repainted or customized.

More than just looks

The cars original paint job does a lot more than just making it look great and brand new, but it is developed to work as a protective barrier against exterior elements such as, dirt, rain, snow or hail storms that can cause dents, scratches, dings and lead to rust and other issues. Through the years, the metal components of your car’s body will wear and weakens, but the sealed coat of its original factory paint keeps them strong, and safe for driving.

It is just as easy as parking your car at the supermarket to get a scratch, dent, bump or ding, caused by a minor collision, a door or even a shopping cart, but thanks to Auto Rehab, you can preserve the factory paint finish. Our paintless dent repair will eliminate any creases, scratches, dents or bumps without using fillers, paints or chemicals. This way you can preserve its original look and boost its value for when the reselling time arrives.

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