Using your insurance to fix winter dents on your car

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Winter is a complicated season for car owners. It is the time of the year when its maintenance is harder and more expensive and when we are more prone to suffer traffic accidents. It is also the time of the year when the weather is a mixture of hazardous conditions that can easily harm your car bodywork. All we can do is be as prepared as possible to face the unpredictable. This means regular and proper maintenance, and being ready to file an insurance claim whenever it’s necessary.

Use PDR and avoid the CARFAX

Hail Damage Repair

PDR is the best option to repair hail and winter damage.

After decades of providing the best paintless dent removal services to Colorado citizens, at Auto Rehab, we have noticed, how common it is for car owners to avoid fixing their car after a fender bender or minor collision, mistakenly believing that using their insurance will generate a record on their CARFAX sheet. The CARFAX record is a document that displays your car’s traffic history.

In most of the cases having an accident record on your CARFAX sheet will significantly drop your car’s resale value. Nonetheless, fixing your vehicle and removing dents with PDR procedure does not generate a record on your CARFAX sheet. No wonder why, besides being the fastest, most reliable and affordable dent removal technique in the industry, PDR is car retailers and insurance companies’ favorite car restoring procedure.

Weather conditions and severe storms

Repairing Vehicle Damage from Road Salt

Restore your car with PDR after a heavy storm.

A traffic accident isn’t the only factor that can produce severe damage to your car’s bodywork. Winter’s weather conditions are basically a time bomb that can easily cause deep dents, scratches, and creases. Also, salty snow, ice built under the mudguards, and other factors can speed up its deterioration and rust growth. In a worse scenario, extreme snow or hailstorm can easily harm your car.

If you live in areas like Colorado, where winter and weather conditions tend to be harsh, it is recommended to own a comprehensive coverage insurance contract. Comprehensive coverage usually includes the acts of god. So, if your car gets damaged after a severe hailstorm, it should be covered. At Auto Rehab, we have gained extensive experience and knowledge helping our paintless dent removal customers, to file their insurance claims, and we will gladly help with yours. Contact us today and get your car restored to its original appearance.

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