Hood, roof and trunk dents; a car owner’s nightmare

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Car dents, dings, scratches or bumps are hated and unwanted by loyal car owners. They are always out there, threatening to appear at the worst moment, and on the worst spot. Virtually, anything can make a dent or scratch on your car bodywork. A low-speed collision or a fender bender, a loose baseball, a side door slamming against yours in a parking lot, you name it. The possibilities of getting a car dent are endless.

Car dents and car bodywork damage are mostly found on the front, rear or sides of the car. They all represent a challenge when restoring that area to its previous condition. However, things can get nasty, when the car dent is located on the hood, roof or trunk. After decades of providing the best paintless dent removal services to Colorado car owners, at Auto Rehab, we know how scary it is for car owners to find a dent right in the middle of their car. It is their worst nightmare. Thankfully, Auto Rehab has the knowledge, skills, experience, and passion for handling any car dent removal project, no matter the challenge it brings.

Self-inflected dents

Dents & Dings Repair in Denver

Self-inflicted car dents are always frustrating.

Getting a dent is always frustrating. However, it is even worse when you are guilty of the damage. Self-inflicted damage on car hoods and trunks are very common. It takes just a little bit of extra pressure on the wrong place when closing a hood or trunk to leave a dent behind. At Auto Rehab, we always recommend to our PDR clients to gently put down the hood or trunk and softly push it with your palm in the latch spot. Press down with just the necessary strength for the latch to catch the hood or trunk.

When closing, avoid slamming or dropping the car hood. Otherwise, it can easily make a dent, and as time passes, it will wear the hood hinges and springs, making it harder to close the trunk or hood. In the long run, you will be forced to use more and more pressure every time, causing worse dents and damages. Also, a hood that is not closing correctly can quickly fly open crashing against your windshield, damaging both.

Avoid using your fingertips to press down the hood, as it is easier and very possible to cause tiny dents and dings. You can also make indentations on the hood by pushing on the wrong spot.

Fixing hood, roof and trunk dents

Car dents are an unpleasant reality every car owner has to deal with, and getting the correct service to remove them can make the difference, especially when the dent is on the hood, roof or trunk. Paintless dent removal methods provide the best options, tools, and techniques to reach, remove, and restore your car to its previous condition without affecting the original paint.

Fix Your Rood, Hood or Trunk.

Car hood, roof and trunk dents can be removed with PDR.

Roof, trunk and hood dents are hard to reach. To make things more challenging, sometimes these car areas have a particular shape or metal form, complicating, even more, its repair. To achieve a flawless hood, roof or trunk dent removal result, Auto Rehab’s professional PDR technicians will first study the damage, its shape, size, depth, and location. After analyzing these factors, our staff will determine which car parts require to be removed to reach the dent. Or if it is possible to reach it and fix it from where it is.

Car roofs are a good example. Usually, they consist of two parts: the main roof panel and the roof rail. If the dent is located on the main roof panel, it might be possible to gain access by easing back the headliner. Otherwise, it will be necessary to remove it. Once reached, Auto Rehab’s technicians will remove the dent by using specialized tools to slowly massage and reshape the damage from behind the panel, restoring both the metal and paint to the pre-dent condition. Contact Us today and restore your car hood, roof or trunk.

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