Don’t panic! Hood and roof dents can be fixed!

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Car dents are an unpleasant reality every car owner has to deal with. Just about anything can make a dent, scratch or ding on your car, from clumsy accidents, shopping carts to weather. Especially in areas like Colorado, where hailstorms tend to hit hard.
Even though some car dents might appear as a minor damage, many hide quite a challenge underneath and it gets worse depending on the depth and area where the dent is located. Some dents might not be so big in dimension, but pretty deep, complicating its removal and repair methods. On the other hand, when it is located on the roof or hood of the car, things can get really nasty. Thankfully, Auto Rehab, has the professional staff, knowledge, and skills, to treat even the most complicated car dents.

Dent removal mistakes

Hood Paintless Dent Removal in Highlands

Hood dent removal requires skills and knowledge.

Biggest mistake one can make, when it comes to dent removal, is to believe it is an easy task and anyone can do it. The fact is, if you don’t have the skills and training, you shouldn’t give it try. It requires a trained eye to know exactly what you are dealing with, the correct PRD method to apply and the correct tools to do it.

At Auto Rehab, we have noticed that most of the customers, who tried a DIY dent removal technique, had a smaller problem before arriving at our shop. Most of them used methods based on the application of extreme cold, extreme heat or even using a toilet plunger. We have seen it all. Sadly, none of these methods work well. Even if they get rid of the dent, poor techniques will deliver poor finishes. You can invest in an expensive dent removal kit, but for that kind of money, it is better to hire a professional PDR technician, who will provide the best results in a short time and for an affordable price.

Getting rid of roof and hood dents

In order to achieve a flawless dent removal result, a professional PDR technician will study first the damage level, its shape, size, depth, and location. Roof dents and hoods are hard to reach. To make things even harder, some hoods have a particular shape or metal form. This complicates, even more, its repair. A professional PDR technician will analyze all these factors in order to determine if any car parts are required to be removed in order to reach the dent. Or if it is possible to reach it and fix it from where it is.

Roof Paintless Dent Repair

Roof dents are extremely hard to remove.

Car roofs are usually made of two parts, the main roof panel, and the roof rail. If the dent is located on the main roof panel, the PDR technician might be able to gain access by easing back the headliner. Otherwise, it would be necessary to remove it. The harder it is to reach the dent, the more skilled and experienced you need to be in order to remove it effectively. It is one of the main reasons why dent removal shouldn’t be taken care of by just anyone. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, at Auto Rehab we congratulate your enthusiasm and humbly suggest buying a scrap metal hood from a body shop. This way you can practice your way until becoming a master in the art of paintless dent removal.

For any further questions related to PDR or to get a free quote on your project, contact the experts in the field. Contact Auto Rehab today to get rid of all your car dents.

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