Get your car ready for unpredictable hailstorms

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Every car owner knows that they are exposed to several unpredictable events that can easily cause dents, dings, scratches and other damages to their vehicle’s bodywork. You can be extremely careful and take all sorts of precautions like parking at the last corner parking spot in every parking lot you visit. However, there are other conditions that are even harder to avoid, in fact virtually impossible to prevent such as hailstorms.

Colorado is well known for its unpredictable weather changes and even though hailstorms sometimes are underestimated, they are one of the principal sources of home and vehicle structural damages in the state. According to NOAA’s Severe Storms database, during the past five years, claims related to wind and hail damage on a national basis accounted for almost 40 percent of all insured losses, averaging approximately $15 billion annually; and growing each year.

Protect Your Car

Hail Damage Repair

PDR is the best option to recover your car after a heavy hail storm.

With such an unpredictable, but imminent weather condition, all you can do is be as prepared as possible for when the unforeseen arrives. Start to create a good space for your car to be parked, especially if don’t own a garage. There are some low-cost vehicle carports. These are basically just posts and a roof, but you can also build a carport with aesthetics to match your house.

A car cover can also be an option. There are some car covers specially designed for hailstorms and even though these are not as strong as a metal carport, it could be a good and more affordable option. If you are aware that a hailstorm is near, you can put large blankets inside the cover to add extra protection. Using the large blankets can also work in case you don’t have a car cover. Try using duct tape to fix them to the bottom of the car where it won’t cause paint damage.

If you find yourself all of a sudden driving in the middle of a hailstorm, try to look for a covered parking lot, like the ones found at shopping malls. If this is not possible try to drive facing the hailstorm or drive away from it, as windshields are way stronger than side windows. Look for tall buildings and try to park in the middle of them, this way the building may work as a barrier. Finally, try placing your car floor mats on top of the roof and hood in order to minimize any possible damages.

When the Storm is Over

Once the worst is over and the weather returns to calm, check your vehicle and make a record of all the damages found. Most of the comprehensive insurance policies will cover weather events such as hailstorms. After determining all the damages suffered, your best option is to contact a professional paintless dent removal. This fast and affordable technique will get your vehicle looking brand new again in a short time. PDR is car agencies and insurance companies preferred dent removal procedure because of its great and affordable results. Contact Auto Rehab today and find out everything you need to know about PDR and hailstorm protection.

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