Keep a flawless business vehicle fleet during the winter

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First impressions are priceless in the business world. In the blink of an eye, your business can catch or scare away potential customers and strategic partners. Therefore, it is a rule of thumb, to never neglect your professional image. This is especially important with your business vehicle fleet.
It doesn’t matter if you own one single business car or a huge commercial vehicle fleet. Commercial fleets provide an amazing 24/7 advertising benefit to businesses. They can catch potential customers on the go, displaying the brand, services, and products in the most creative ways. However, if the business car doesn’t look at its best, it could quickly send the wrong message, displaying a weak and unreliable corporate image. It takes one single, minor dent, to ruin your commercial goals.

How to protect your fleet in winter?

Protect your corporate image.

Keep a flawless vehicle fleet, fixing all dents with paintless dent removal techniques.

Any car owner or commercial vehicle fleet manager knows that regular maintenance is essential to ensure their car’s optimal performance and a long lifespan. Nonetheless, when the winter strikes your car and business fleet requires additional care and extra attention. Winter is the time of the year when your vehicle is more prone to damage. A wide range of unexpected situations, from traffic accidents, sliding kids, animals crossing, frozen tree branches falling, severe snow and hailstorms, and many more, put at risk the integrity of your car’s paint and bodywork.

Try to keep your car parked indoors, under a carport or at least protected with a car cover. These alternatives can reduce the chance of getting a car dent. If you need to drive under winter conditions, always run a brake fluid checkup and other essential maintenance steps to ensure the vehicle is in optimal conditions. Consider changing the tires of your entire fleet to winter tires.

Keep your fleet looking great

Anyone who drives on Colorado’s icy roads knows that no matter how careful you are, it is virtually impossible to survive the winter without getting a car dent or minor damage. Getting your dents fixed as soon as possible during the winter is a must. The extreme cold weather, salt on the roads, snow, ice and mud build ups, among many other conditions can boost the deterioration of your car, leading to rust and other expensive damages.

It is vital to avoid this from happening, especially, if you manage a business vehicle fleet, for the obvious reasons we mentioned above. Paintless dent removal service is the best way to restore your car and fleet to its original look, without compromising the car’s original paint.  PDR is the fastest and most affordable technique to remove dents and damages from the car’s bodywork. In most cases, it takes a matter of hours to restore your vehicle to its original condition, making it ideal for busy corporations.

However, depending on the severity or how deep the dent is, it could take longer to be restored. Contact Auto Rehab today and find out everything you need about PDR and our amazing dent removal services.

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