How to fix car dents while saving money!

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How to fix car dents, and which is the best and most affordable way to do it are significant discussions between car owners. Not only in Colorado but worldwide. The reason is simple; it is just a matter of driving your brand new car out of the factory to be at risk of damaging it in some way. Believe us; it happens more often than we could even imagine. The newer it is, the easier to damage. At Auto Rehab, we call it The Curse!

So, since we can’t go against the current, all we can do is relax and enjoy our ride, and try to protect it as much as possible, knowing that at some point we will have to face the issue of having to fix dents, creases or some bodywork damage on our vehicle. The question is, how?

Selecting the best dent removal option

Depending on the damage level that our car suffers, we might be motivated to choose a certain dent removal method mistakenly thinking we will be saving money. We might consider that it was just superficial damage, easy to remove with a DIY Dent Removal kit. Or the damage is so severe that you might think that you will need to replace the whole panel or repaint it. However, in both cases, you might be wrong, wasting huge amounts of money that could have been saved while restoring your car in a reliable and fast way.

PDR is the best & most affordable dent removal method.

Save money restoring your car with paintless dent removal services.

DIY Kits

Removing car dents is not easy at all. It takes knowledge, training, skills, specialized tools, and talent. You need a trained eye to know exactly what you are dealing with, type of dent, and the best approach to remove it without affecting the rest of the car. In most cases, our experience at Auto Rehab is that those who tried to fix a dent themselves, without having the proper training and equipment, arrive at our shop with bigger and more expensive issues than the original one. Therefore, our suggestion is to rely on professional PDR experts.

New paint job

Repainting your car to restore a dent is not such a good idea. A new paint job is expensive, and it requires a lot of time, specialized tools, a sealed painting room, and of course, great technicians. All these cost a lot of money. Otherwise, the result might not be that good. Besides, it is virtually impossible to get the manufacture’s original car color right. So, there is a considerable chance that the fixed area will stand out.

Paintless dent removal

Thanks to decades of evolution in the car dent restoring industry, car owners today have a great way to restore the car bodywork without being forced to waste a lot of money. PDR or paintless dent removal has established itself as the best, most affordable, and reliable dent removal method in the industry. PDR experts will use their knowledge, skills, and special tools to gently massage the dent out, restoring the bodywork to its original condition, without affecting the original paint.

Protecting the original paint will keep the car resale value. Besides, you will be saving money in a new paint job, paint solvents, and other chemicals required. You will save time, as PDR is speedy to apply while repainting a car takes several weeks, especially if you want an optimal paint job. That is why PDR is car retailers and insurance companies favorite dent removal method.

Save time and money when fixing your car bodywork. Contact Auto Rehab today and learn more about PDR and its amazing benefits.

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