Fix car dents before winter makes them worse!

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This winter season has been so far, one to remember. The harsh winter has taken its toll on Colorado and all over the U.S.  Cars are among the assets that suffer the most during the season. With a few more cold white months still to come, it is crucial to take extra precautions and actions to keep the car in shape, safe for driving, and retaining its value.

With slippery black icy roads, animals on the move looking for food and warmer conditions, snow packs and ice buildups falling, between many other chilling conditions, the chances of getting a scratch, crease or dent on your car is undeniable! Also, cold weather conditions and other elements presented during winter, like salt on snowy roads, will boost its deterioration making in most cases, the dent deeper and faster rust growth.

How to remove car dents in winter?

Auto Rehab Denver Van

PDR can fix creases and dents caused by winter conditions.

If you were involved in a traffic accident, suffered a fender bender or after unfreezing your doors you noticed damage on the car bodywork, it is vital to fixing it right away. Otherwise, it will get worse in a blink of an eye, making its restoration harder and more expensive.

Your best option is to get paintless dent removal professional services. PDR is the fastest, most reliable and affordable dent removal technique in the industry. A professional PDR technician will know exactly how to approach your car dent or damage to softly restore it to its original condition without hurting the original car paint. This way your car will be safe, looking great and ready to resist the rest of the winter.

Protect your car

Even though PDR methods will efficiently restore your car bodyworks condition, it is essential to take precautions to help survive the season. After decades of providing the best paintless dent removal services to Colorado citizens, at Auto Rehab, we have noticed how common it is for car owners to arrive at our shop with a huge crease on their hood after attempting to remove snow from it.

It is recommended to park your car inside a garage or under a carport. If it is not possible, consider getting a car cover or at least avoid parking it under trees, branches or structures that can accumulate ice and snow.

If you notice any damage, crease, dent or scratch on your car, don’t hesitate and contact the PDR experts in Colorado. At Auto Rehab we will gladly take charge of your car bodywork and restore it in a short time.

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