DOs and DON’Ts when you’re in an Icy Road Accident

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Precautions when driving in winter!

One of the most common myths about icy road accidents is that they happen only to reckless drivers ignoring hazardous conditions. But reports show that the average occurrence is on people driving at normal speeds. Bad weather can cause any of us to suddenly and unexpectedly encounter ice and crash. So today we want to give you some advice on what to do and not to do if the unfortunate comes to happen, and you find yourself in this situation. Keep in mind that the danger doesn’t end right after your accident; it could get even worse as other vehicles lose control at the same place you did!

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What to do on an icy road accident

1- If your vehicle is still ok to drive, keep moving!
It’s better to keep going until you arrive at a safe place to pull off the road. This way, you are avoiding the risk of being hit by additional out-of-control vehicles; and in turn, you also avoid causing further accidents by remaining on the road. If your accident involved other vehicles that are all still driveable and no one is injured, it’s best to encourage everyone to move to the nearest safe location off of the road.
2- If your car is disabled, stay in your vehicle if there’s more traffic approaching
It sounds scary, but you’ll have better chances of surviving another car or truck crashing into you if you are inside of your car, rather than if you are out in the open. Cars can absorb vehicle impact better than your body can!
3- If possible, get away from the road as quickly as possible
After checking that there’s no approaching traffic, carefully get out of your vehicle and immediately get as far away from the road as you can. Climb an embankment, get behind a guardrail, jersey barrier or anything that will get you out of the way of additional sliding vehicles.
4- If it’s impossible to get off the road, stay in your car!
If you are in the middle of a bridge with no way to escape, stay in your vehicle. Just as the situation in step 2!

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What NOT to do!!!

1- Don’t get out of your car and stand on the road!
You need to be less worried about inspecting the damage to your car, and more about other cars and tractor-trailers hurtling toward the same icy spot where you just crashed. Data shows that people standing outside on icy roads after surviving their own accident are often struck and killed in secondary accidents.
2- Don’t stop for accidents or stranded vehicles along an icy roadway
We know that perhaps you are a Good Samaritan, but on icy road conditions, you can actually cause more problems than the ones you can solve. Parking on the side of an icy highway can make passing drivers brake and lose control, endangering more lives. Unless the stranded driver is in immediate danger, the best thing you can do is call 911 and report the accident. They are equipped to safely block the road or divert traffic while a tow truck can do the job properly.

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If despite our recommendations, accidents, debris, hail or rocks cause dents on your vehicle, worry not! We can fix it with our paintless dent removal services in Denver. Still, who needs an extra expense during the Holidays? So stay safe, stay calm and enjoy the season.   

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