Dealing with Parking Lot Dings

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For those of us who love and take personal care of our cars, there is nothing worse than walking into the garage in the morning and finding an unpleasant surprise on your car door. Immediately we start thinking, what happened? Where did we go wrong? However, most car dings aren’t our fault and that’s when we realize we went to the mall, a shopping center or somewhere where we left our car in a parking lot.

Dings and dents can happen for multiple reasons, from an unpredicted hailstorm to a loose shopping cart, and they can occur just about anywhere on a vehicle. From top to bottom, and everywhere in between, of course, doors and the car sides are some of the most commonly damaged areas.

Car door dents can happen to anyone; even the most careful ones can accidentally damage the car next to theirs. The question is, what’s next? Should I take responsibility in case it was my fault or should I look for the owner of the car in case it was someone else who damaged your car? Answers may vary depending on the possible scenario; nonetheless, if you wish for people to take responsibility when damaging your car, you should do the same.

Taking Responsibility

Benefits of PDR

PDR is the best way to fix car dents.

If you damage the car next to yours, you can wait for the owner to arrive and try to find a solution. Paintless car restoration is a great way to repair dents and dings in an affordable and reliable manner. If you can’t stay any longer, leave your information on his windshield or tell the shop officers about the situation and leave your info. with them.

If you are the one getting the nasty surprise, it basically works the same. Look at your car’s damage and see if there are any color marks that match the color of the car next to yours. If so, that’s probably your guy. The problem is, you can’t prove it. So, wait for him and peacefully try to come to an agreement. If he or she turns aggressive, it is better to walk away and look for an officer’s help.

It is also smart to ask at the business or shopping center for the security tape. Most parking lots usually have surveillance cameras installed all over the place, and in most cases, they are open to help.

Once you have determined the responsibility of the case, consider the possibility of using your or his/her insurance policy. Depending on the case, damage level, and other variables, it might be worth using the insurance. Finally, look for the best place to take the car for repair.

Thankfully, Colorado citizens can count on Auto Rehab’s highly skilled technicians, who have been serving clients in Colorado and worldwide for over 15 years. Auto Rehab’s paintless dent removal techniques will give back your car’s appearance without damaging the rest of its paint job, keeping it looking brand new. Contact Us today and learn more about car dents and the best way to get it fixed.


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