Dealing with Car Roof Dents

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Early in the morning, as usual, you walk to your car in order to start your drive to work or school just to find an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. You don’t understand how or why there is a huge round dent on top of the car roof.
Unexpected car dents are a common issue. They usually appear on doors, and at the front or rear of the car. Reasons can be as diverse as, from parking lot collision, slamming a door against your car or even a loose shopping cart, but when the dent appears on your car roof it is kind of hard to understand what happened. Nonetheless, this issue is more common than you can imagine.

Finding the Dent Source

Hail storms in Highlands Ranch

Unexpected dents can come from all sorts or sources like hailstorms.

At Auto Rehab, we have dealt with unexpected car roof dents for decades and their source, form an unpredicted hailstorm, fruits or branches falling from a tree or a loose baseball. Even a teenager vandal riot, or a drunk could have done the damage. The main problem with this type of dent is its location. Roof dents are hard to reach, making the access to its repair really uncomfortable. This could not only complicate its procedure, but also a flawless finish is harder to achieve. No matter the reason, Auto Rehab has the skills, knowledge, and equipment to fix your dent issue in a blink of an eye.

Get Rid of All Your Car Dents

Car roofs are usually made of parts, one is the main roof panel and the other is the roof rail. If the dent is located on the main roof panel, you might be able to gain access by easing back the headliner. Otherwise, it will be necessary to remove it. The harder it is to reach the dent the more skilled and experienced you need to be in order to remove the dent effectively. It is one of the main reasons why dent removal shouldn’t be taken care by just anyone. Contact the experts in the field. Call Auto Rehab today to get rid of all your car dents.

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