Most common reasons & places, your car could get dented

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Believe it or not, you are not the only one who finds a new car dent or crease every morning as you walk to your vehicle. You might continuously think that you are all alone in the car dent struggle, and no one has such bad luck. You might even believe you could have some kind of curse. However, car dents are extremely common.

It is extremely easy to dent the bodywork. Even when you are extremely careful about where to park, you will eventually get your car dented. They all seem to appear from out of nowhere. Nevertheless, they all have the same outcome, a sad and frustrated car owner.

Where and why car dents appear?

Cars are fantastic engineering creations, and their bodywork is designed for aesthetics, aerodynamics, and protection purposes. However, the metal panels used to create the body are incredibly flexible and easy to get creased, scratched, or dented. Knowing where and why car dents are created could provide leverage on your car’s protection, but it won’t altogether avoid it from getting dented.

car dents & dings

The car body scratched from an accident

Parking Lots

Parking lots are dent magnets. There are so, so many potential risks that your car runs at the same time that it is almost a safe bet that you will get a dent in a parking lot. Parking spaces sometimes are narrow, boosting chances of slamming a door against your car. Not all drivers are equally skilled, and parking could be quite challenging for many. There are good chances that some miss a corner hitting your vehicle. Don’t forget the well-known wandering lose shopping carts. Shopping carts have sharp metal ends and can easily damage your bodywork.

Hail Damage

Many consider hail damage, as the number one reason cars can get dents on the bodywork. Hailstones have excessive destructive power and do severe damage to vehicles and windshields. Hailstorms are unpredictable and can appear virtually anywhere. However, areas such as Colorado are more prone to suffer this kind of weather event with billions of dollars in damage every year.

Factory Dents

Most of the car owners are not even aware that most cars are born already dented. That’s right! The car’s metal panels are transported in factories through assembly lines, sometimes hitting each other making tiny dents and creases. These damages are so small that manufacturers won’t notice them until the car is already painted.

That is why major car manufacturers include in their staff teams of PDR or paintless dent removal technicians.  This way, they can restore every little detail until the car is perfect and ready for the road.

Thanks to Auto Rehab, you can also count on this excellent and efficient restoring method for an affordable cost. We have been providing for decades the best dent removal services to Colorado citizens, helping them keep their rides nice and shiny. Contact us today and remove all your dent problems.

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