Beware! Colorado roads reach extreme danger level

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I-70 interstate colorado

Beware of winter conditions.

News and latest developments have proven how heavy and harsh Colorado’s winter season has been. Some of the most significant avalanches in the last 30 to 50 years have stroked down with furious anger, destroying structures, blocking highways, burying cars and even claiming the lives of citizens. Colorado agencies, such as the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, and the Colorado Department of Transportation are warning of the potential hazards to come, setting the scale up to an “extreme” avalanche danger level, affecting areas like Vail and Summit County, Sawatch, Gunnison, and Aspen zones.

Experts are recommending to avoid driving, especially on Highway 91, Interstate 70 through Colorado’s high country, and between Frisco and Vail. Avoid traveling in, near, or below avalanche terrain and the backcountry. However, danger is present even in the city. Weather conditions make it more prone to suffer a traffic accident or a fender bender. Therefore, if possible, try to keep your car parked indoors, safe from creases, dents, and other bodywork damage.

Don’t risk your car’s integrity

Even when everything tells you that it is not a good time for driving, for many of us, it is just impossible not to use our cars. Therefore, we need to be extremely careful and take as many precautions as possible in order to avoid scratching, denting, creasing or even suffering worse potential hazards. Don’t hesitate taking the extra mile. Change your tires to winter tires, keep track of your brake condition and fluid levels, and perform anything that can provide additional protection.

One thing is sure. You have to be aware that if you plan to keep driving your car under the weather conditions we are facing, it is virtually impossible that your car won’t suffer a dent or crease. Even a single hailstone has high destructive power, capable of cracking windshields and denting car bodywork.

Keeping your car safe during winter

Repairing Vehicle Damage from Road Salt

Snow and ice can damage your car bodywork.

As soon as you notice any bodywork damage on your vehicle, such as roof or hood dents, or side door creases, it is important to fix them right away. The longer dents and similar damage are left untreated; the more significant and faster the deterioration will be. Also, the restoration will be more expensive.

Auto Rehab’s paintless dent removal services can get rid of dents, creases, and other bodywork damage, without affecting your original car paint. PDR is the most reliable, fastest, and most affordable dent removal technique available. Perfect to face the harsh winter season. Contact Us today and keep your car safe during the winter.

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