Car safety maintenance tips before winter strikes

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As winter gets closer, roads become more slippery and unsafe. More animals are on the side roads and crossing by. Visibility becomes unstable. Drivers also tend to get a little crazier as the shopping sprees began. All of these conditions converge to make the holiday season one of the most prone to traffic accidents. Therefore, it is vital to have your vehicle in great shape.

After decades of providing the best paintless dent removal services, to Colorado car owners, at Auto Rehab, we have learned that a considerable percentage of our customers arrive with weather-related issues. From sever bodywork damage after a hailstorm to a massive dent after crashing into a wild animal. Therefore, we have seen first hand how important is to have your car in optimal conditions. This way you can avoid fatalities and extreme damages if involved in a weather-related traffic accident.

Preventive winter car maintenance tips

Protect your vehicle wheels

Changing to winter tires is recommended before the season strikes.

First, you need to run the apparent maintenance check-ups. That means checking and fixing your brakes. Remember also checking, changing or refilling engine fluids. Your car battery should also be tested, recharged or replaced if necessary. It is also vital to check your car tire pressure and if possible, changing them to special winter tires.

You can also consider replacing your windshield wipers. Winter weather elements are hard on your wipers, and if they don’t work effectively or are too old, they could damage and even chip your windshield. Check your antifreeze and water levels in your car. If necessary, go over your owners manual and make sure you have the right levels.

Fix dents and any car body damage

People tend to overlook their bodywork damages, mistakenly thinking they are only aesthetics. Even if that’s so, during winter metal tends to contract, and your dents can become more prominent and harder to fix, which will translate to more expensive methods. Besides, as explained, during winter roads are more prone to accidents, and your car could have more dents and damages.

On the other hand, leaving dents and bodywork damages unattended can lead to rust and corrosion underneath. Sometimes, dents don’t seem that serious, but metal underneath it could have been compromised. If your metal components get rusty, they can quickly get damaged. In addition, cold and especially extreme cold conditions can boost the deterioration process.

Thankfully, you are just in time to run preventive maintenance routines on your car and fix everything necessary, before winter strikes. Contact, Auto Rehab today, and in the blink of an eye, we will have your car dent free and ready for another winter season.

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