Preparing Your Car Insurance Hail Storm Claim

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By definition, hail is a type of frozen precipitation that occurs within strong to severe thunderstorms, which can develop at any time of the year. Hailstones larger than the diameter of a nickel or quarter will potentially cause significant damage to your cars bodywork, windshield, and windows. With such a destructive power, it is important to own a good car insurance policy. Especially, if you live in areas such as Colorado, where hailstorms are as often as unpredictable.

Once the storm is over and you noticed significant damage to your car, it is important to go over your insurance policy in order to be sure it will cover your vehicle damage. Most insurance policies likely cover hailstorm damage. Look for the comprehensive coverage, alongside collision or other coverage. If you can’t find that information, call your insurance agent, and make sure you are covered.

Before Submitting a Claim

Paintless Dent Repair

How to file a hailstorm insurance claim?

If you are planning to file a claim, it is important to go over your car and check it from rear to front, in order to determine exactly how bad the damage is. If possible, you should gently wash it, to ensure that all dents are observed and that the subtle details of each dent will not be obscured.

Take photos of all the dents, scratches and all damage marks you can find. Make sure to take different pictures of all dents, close-ups, and wide angles. This will be helpful for the insurance company and for your personal records, in case of any further dispute.

Then, you need to contact your insurance company, so they can send an estimator or adjuster to check your car closely and estimate its repair and requirements. Professionals will focus on the number of dents, sizes, shapes, locations, and other characteristics of the different damages. This way, they will be able to determine if the damages were caused by natural forces or from any other source, besides how much the repair could cost.

Make sure to be there at the time of the inspection. This way you can get answers to any related question and make notes of everything they write or markdown. This information will be very useful when you file the insurance policy claim. Take the inspector’s estimation and compare it to the deductible. This should allow you to determine if it is worth submitting the claim or not.

Paintless Dent Repair

Your final step is getting your car fixed. This means getting the best PDR shop to take care of the restoration of your car. PDR is the most effective, affordable and fastest dent removal technique in the market. Besides, it is insurance companies all time favorite. Basically, because paintless dent removal techniques are harmless to your car and it will not only restore it, but it also keeps the cars original paint, one of the most valuable aspects of your car.
Contact Auto Rehab today and find out everything you need to know about PDR and your insurance policy.

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