Buying A Used Car? Check It For Minor Dings & Dents First!

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Take a good look at the vehicle or bring it to the PDR experts in Denver so you don’t make a “holy” investment!

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If you’re thinking of buying a used car, it is important you do your homework first so you can get the best deal. Make sure to do all the necessary background checks regarding the vehicle’s history, its previous owners or if it has been written-off for any reason.

And just as important, take a good and detailed look around at the car’s body and check for any dents or paint damage! It’s better to take the time to do this before you make the purchase, so you don’t find yourself some weeks later looking sourly at some “eyesores” that you could’ve used to get a better price deal.

These are the areas of the car’s body to pay special attention to when inspecting it:

Doors & Side Panels

They are perhaps the most common and easy areas for dents & dings to appear, and the culprits range from running-free shopping carts to your parking spot neighbor carelessly opening their car door. Even if the previous owner decided to ignore them because the damage is faint or almost imperceptible to the untrained eye, they will still show up under our special lights and will require some work.

Keyhole & Handle

Damage to these areas could have occurred when fumremove dents from carbling with the keys to find the lock in the dark, opening the car’s door in tight places or with something else in your hands. These areas might also be susceptible to paint-scratching due to the same reasons.

Front & Back Bumpers

Also, another common area for damage to happen, sometimes requiring major work if the previous owner had parking issues.

Side Mirrors

Might be especially common if the car was used in a city and was parked on the side of busy streets, where other vehicles or even people rushing by could have knocked them hard.

Roof & Hood

Colorado is a hail-storm prone area, so don’t forget to have a good look at the top of the vehicle as well as the hood, which are the places that can suffer the most from unexpected hail.

Dent repair

Those are the most important areas to look for dent damage before buying a used car. However, if the paint has been scratched and deeply damaged, paintless dent repair won’t do the trick. Our specialty at AutoRehab in Denver is PDR, but we can also do some minor body paint repairs.

So if you’ve already purchased the vehicle and then noticed some minor dents or want to get a professional inspection before you buy it, we can give you a free estimate. Give us a call today at 844-303-DENT!

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