Avoid winter dents on your parked car

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The winter season is here and with it the rising risk of suffering a car accident. We all know that as weather conditions become colder and roads slippery, we have to be more careful when driving. In recent weeks, at Auto Rehab we have been insisting on taking extra precautions to avoid nasty and ugly car dents on your vehicle’s bodywork and accidents when driving. But, what happens when the car is parked?

Avoiding dents on your parked vehicle

Car dents can happen at any moment, at any given time. From a fender bender to a flying lose rock, a car dent can appear in a blink of an eye. However, most of these unwelcome, annoying little fellows, appear the morning after. That’s right! They happened while your car was parked. There are multiple ways how your car gets dents while parked, like a slammed door in a parking lot. Sadly, the sources and factors causing dents while parked, increase during winter.

Slippery surfaces

If you park your car in a driveway that tends to freeze, your vehicle is at risk of getting dented. Just a matter of losing your balance can cause bodywork damage on your car. On the other hand, kids love to play outside during snowfalls or on slippery surfaces and your car could be the barrier that stops any of them. Try to get rid of icy surfaces and keep your driveway from freezing during the winter.

Winter car dents

Tree branches can break causing nasty dents on your car roof and hood.

Snow packs

During winter you have to be extra careful selecting where to park your car. It is not enough to only look around your parking space, your eyes must go up. Look for ice and snow packs on tree branches and building structures. A large pack of snow can quickly become heavy and slam into your car hood or roof, leaving a huge dent. Snow can easily break a branch as well or drop a business sign. Therefore, pay attention to what’s above your car.

Use a car cover

Obviously, the best way to protect your car from weather conditions is parking it indoors. If you don’t own a garage or have the chance to park indoors, consider getting a carport. There are several carports and covers specially designed for hail, winter, and other weather conditions. These could represent a better option against harsh winters.

Fix winter dents right away

If your car has some minor dents or suffers any dent during winter, it is essential to fixing them as soon as posible. Leaving a dent behind could lead into bigger and more expensive issues. Especially, during winter and in extreme cold conditions. An untreated car dent can quickly rust and corrode if it is exposed to extreme cold for a long time. Therefore, before the harsh winter strikes contact Auto Rehab, and we will take care of your car dent issue immediately. Auto Rehab’s reliable PDR service is the fastest and most affordable way to get rid of car dents, keeping the original look of your car, in Colorado.

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